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Shaanxi Electronic Grouptech Co.,Ltd has 20 years experience in custom manufacturing all types of magnetic components and electronic components,our products include Ferrite core, Toroidal Choke Coils, Line filters, SMD power inductors, Rod coil inductors, Spring Air coils, Drum core inductors,switching power transformers, LAN transformers, pulse transformers,Flyback transformers, Encapsulated transformers and Toroidal transformers,other PCB mount inductors and transformers.

As a manufacturer of  PCB mount inductors and transformers,we insisted on on time production and delivery. The normal delivery time varies from 7 to 30 days depends on materials available.

In terms of quality, we have made strategic cooperation with our materials suppliers and our engineer team has more than 20 years relevant experience to ensure excellent quality of products as well as competitive price.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable coil inductors and transformers manufacturer, eGrouptech will be your best partner. You are cordially invited to submit your product specification today for our evaluation. We look forward to serving you and faciliting the profitable growth of your esteemed company 


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